Digital Patterning For Marine Fabricators & Upholstery Consultancy
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We´re a consultancy  in  yacht  branch  over  a  20  years  helping you create digital patterns for all types boat cover and interior
upholstered furniture from photos to 2d pattern

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What is a photographic pattering
Photographing for making a pattern is a relatively new way of patterning, for example, a boat cover. Instead of using plastic or fabric in the traditional way of making a pattern, we use a camera.

You are not so exposed to the bad weather. Taking a few photos can be done even if wind blows, but tightening the fabric/plastic is not so interesting. Saves time-save money, or that you can use for other jobs. You have another approach to the project because you can process templates in a completely different way

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We do the work for you

  • Production of digital samples for all boat cover
  • Production of digital patterns for marine upholstery
  • Making / arranging the complete project boat covers, upholstery furniture.

We consult you

  • Consulting services on the arrangement / production of upholstered furniture
  • Also we will help with the selection of materials such as fabric, foam, etc.

We teach you

  • Content coaching /mentoring services

Example of work

Case study How digital sampling services facilitate and speed up the production process. is a company that makes boat covers and sails, they use a plotter to make sails, but they took samples for boat covers with plastic foil “the old way” now they also use a plotter to cut samples made from photos!
Case study Searay 42 foot

Motor yacht was built in 1990, after our complete interior design and upholstery of all surfaces, ceiling, walls, sofas..even fronts of kitchen elements, and for the material used over 240 square meters of real Alcantara leather, she got a brand new, fresh and an irresistible look

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We at Workshop have been professionally engaged in the manufacture of marine covers , as well as interior design of yachts, cars, and other vehicles since the late 90’s, We perform complete solutions, make, sew, repair and cover everything in our industry using advanced software technology.