Workshop L.t.d. helps individuals and companies succeed in the project.

Dragan founded Workshop Ltd. 1999 in Croatia, EU. After two decades and more of experience in interior design of vehicles, yachts, airplanes, living and working spaces, he decided to focus his knowledge and specialize in strategic consulting for individuals and companies.

Today, Workshop L.t.d.  specializes in interior design consulting, which provides planning services, content visualization, as well as creating digital templates for a specific project, boat cover or interior furniture, individuals and companies, but also the production of the project itself in cooperation with our trusted partners.

Unlike traditional interior design companies, which usually focus on the production of the project itself, employees, suppliers… such as upholstery and carpentry workshops, the Workshop focuses on continuous project improvement, monitoring existing materials on the world stage, and we know that every day “comes out something new “, which we can use in the project for our clients, using our services, you are relieved of pressure and the project itself generates an excellent end result, both for the customer and the contractors.

Our favorite challenge is to take advantage of innovations that are coming to market, attracting demanding customers and services that require longer and more complex production cycles.

Workshop Ltd. Fact Sheet
  • Registered company name: Workshop L.t.d. (EN), Workshop j.d.o.o. (HR)
  • Established: 1999
  • Employees: 1
  • Headquarters: Croatia, EU Sweden, EU
  • Business: Interior design of vehicles, yachts, airplanes, living and working spaces consultancy
  • Main services: Production of digital templates for boat cover, production of digital templates for furniture, consulting in project implementation as well as the project implementation itself.
  • Main competencies: Project implementation strategy, consulting on the use of adequate raw materials, acceleration of the project process as well as company development

My motto!

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

—- Aristotle

Dragan Durbaba

Senior project managare upholstery & marine fabricator

See how I help companies get perfect project.

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