What’s the problem anyway in pattering/production.

Legacy hand patterning for marine covers, biminis,interiors, composite parts and hulls is no longer able to improve service and profit:
  • These practices are old and have hit their productivity ceiling.-It is also more difficult than ever to find experienced legacy pattern makers.
  • Digital patterning is a popular practice that overcomes these issues.
  • Here you’ll find templates, worksheets and guides which help you, in briefly “How to”

How to start use digital pattern for all boat cover

There is no good project implementation without a high quality, fast project completion. If your job has become boring or requires a lot of work, in this guide you will find the ones you need to get started.

The basic workflow for a digital pattern has 4 basic easy steps.

  1. taking photos
  2. photo review view photos on your computer, use the portable because you can upload photos as soon as you are on
    the yacht, view them and if necessary take additional photos
  3. sending photos via we transfer (link)
  4. get your file in pdf or dxf via email
  5. Done