Our Price List

When the template is complete, we can:
  • print it on 1:1 scale paper, we will send it to you whit the post-delivery is charged separately depending on your address
  • send it to you by email and you can print it out but printer must be min 1066mm/42 in wide, best is 1520 mm
  • make a cut preparation for a CNC cutter-dxf file
What’s on the template:
  • The template contains the parts of the cover.
  • We mark out for attachments, such as sewing marks snaps or DOT.
  • How the template should fit together.
  • We also calculate how much fabric is needed for the cover.
What’s not on the template:
  • When it comes to just making patterns, we do not pay attention to zippers, windows, etc.

The pattern is laid out.

It is very important to check the dimensions on the pattern.

If the dimensions do not match,

let us know-dont cut a fabric.

We are not responsible for the project if

you have not checked the dimensions!